Fitness Sundays

Sundays @ 8pm


Love to swim and want to stay underwater longer? Enhance your physical fitness and enjoy the freedom of experiencing the underwater world with only a mask, fins and snorkel. Perfect for anyone looking to build comfort and endurance through personalized coaching and structured training. This program will improve and maintain your fitness for scuba, skin diving, and in general.

This training is open to club members, including students from the SCUBA diver course, and runs every Sunday from 8pm to 9pm in the Hart House Pool (come 10 min early to get changed).

You do not need to be a certified diver to take part (new students are welcome). Bring your fins, mask and snorkel… and a bathing suit and towel. We will be exercising and get warm, so neoprene is not really necessary unless you get cold really easily.

If you are not a Hart House Fitness Member (or U of T student) and wish to come as a guest to try things out, please contact me in advance as you will need to pick up a Hart House Athletics guest pass at the hub. If you are a U of T student you can just come out the first night is free (I recommend sending me an email though so I know to expect you).

Questions? See below for more Details or contact Martin at “moc.liamgnull@ssentif.cuhh”.

More Details:

Mailing List: The mailing list is used to send a weekly reminder email (with doodle poll) about Fitness Sundays. Occasionally information about other HHUC and Fitness Sundays related training activities (e.g. Underwater Hockey) may be sent out to the list. It will also be used to notify you of unplanned cancellations or pool closures, and it is recommended to join it if you are a regular participant.

If you wish to be added or removed from the mailing list for Snorkel
Sundays please email me at “moc.liamgnull@ssentif.cuhh” and tell me the email you wish to “ADD” or “REMOVE”.

When: Sunday Evenings at 8pm on deck (come 10 min early to get changed).

What to bring: Bring your Mask, fins and snorkel, a lock for your locker (or bring your bag on deck), your HHUC membership card if you have one. If you’re new and don’t have gear yet let me know we have some gear that can be borrowed.

Where: Hart House Pool
Directions to Hart House:

Hart House
7 Hart House Circle
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H3 Canada

The pool is in the basement on the West side. Ask where the athletics desk and pool are at the hub if you cant find it. The pool entrance is at the back of the change room through the showers.

At the athletics desk to get in, tell them you are from Harthouse Underwater club and are there for Fitness Sundays to be let in.

Training Video Policy:
Please be aware that as part of the regular Fitness Sundays there can be an underwater video camera set up to allow people to be filmed for the purpose of review their finning, trim and other underwater techniques. The video from this camera will be made available on a google drive (or similar filesharing site) with access limited to Fitness Sundays participants.These videos are strictly for training review, and are not to be used for any other purpose.

By attending you agree to:
1) Allow the above sharing of any video or images in which you appear with other Fitness Sundays participants.
2) If you have been given access to the video fileshare you agree not to use the videos for any purposes other than reviewing your own technique, and
3) You agree not to share (in person or online) with or display the video to anyone outside of the Fitness Sundays training group without written permission from the Fitness Sundays instructor, and the persons appearing in the video.