Equipment Rental


HHUC members may rent equipment at any time of the year. Availability of gear will depend on our training schedule (participants enrolled in an HHUC scuba course have first priority on equipment.)

Equipment Available

  • Regulators (cold-water certified)
  • Buoyancy compensators (jacket-style)
  • Scuba tanks: aluminum 80 or 63 cu ft (a member may rent up to two tanks, subject to availability)
  • Dive computers (additional cost)

Rental Costs (as of June 1st, 2018)

Note: Prices are subject to change; please contact the Equipment Director for current prices.

Full Summer Rentals (mid-June to mid-Sept)

    • 1 Piece Summer Rental $50 +HST = $56.50
      2 Piece Summer Rental $100 +HST = $113.00
      3 Piece Summer Rental $140 +HST = $158.20
      4 Piece Summer Rental $180 +HST = $203.40
      4 Piece + Dive Computer Summer Rental $260 +HST = $292.80
      Dive Computer Only Summer Rental $90 +HST = $101.7

Weekly Summer Rentals

    • 1 Piece Weekly Rental $25 +HST = $28.25
      2 Piece Weekly Rental $50 +HST = $56.50
      3 Piece Weekly Rental $70 +HST = $79.10
      4 Piece Weekly Rental $90 +HST = $101.70
      4 Piece + Dive Computer Weekly Rental $130 +HST = $146.90
      Dive Computer Only Weekly Rental $45 +HST = $50.85


To participate in the summer equipment rental program (mid-June to mid-September):

Please process your payments through the Hart House Hub either:

  • online
  • in person
  • by phone at (416) 978-2452

Gear pickup:

  • Your equipment can be picked up at the HHUC Equipment Room (next to the 50m Pool at the UofT Athletic Centre). Please email in advance to arrange pickup.
  • Please bring government ID, your receipt or proof of payment from the Hub, your scuba certification card (c-card), and a valid credit card for the security deposit.

To rent equipment at other times of the year, contact the Equipment Director.

Equipment Maintenance Instructions

Please take care of our equipment. Well-maintained gear keeps our maintenance costs low, which influences our rental fees for the following season. Equipment returned in unreasonable condition is subject to a deposit charge.

In the event that your equipment rental is malfunctioning, please inform the Equipment Director and we’ll be happy to assist you in either recommending a remedy or a replacement.

Your rental equipment is for your personal use. Please do not trade or lend gear that you are renting.


  1. Equipment rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference given to this year’s Open Water class.
  2. Please note: we have a limited number of dive computers, and additional air fills are NOT included with tank rentals.
  3. We do NOT rent wetsuits. See your local dive shop for rates.
  4. You must be an HHUC member in order to rent gear.
  5. We require a $200 DEPOSIT via credit card per piece of equipment. This will not be charged unless gear is returned in poor or damaged condition.
  6. All fees and deposits are payable by CREDIT CARD ONLY.