Nitrox Diver & Refresher course – April 2018

Breathing Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) has a number of benefits, which include extending your in-water dive time, and reducing your risk of decompression illness. Bottom-line: you will have more time to dance around the coral reefs and swim with the colorful fish! Whether you seek a full Nitrox certification, or wish to refresh your Nitrox diving skills, this HHUC offering is for you!

Certification option:  For divers holding a SCUBA diver or currently enrolled in an HHUC learn to SCUBA course.  This course includes a mandatory e-learning and a 1-evening practical workshop.  The open-water dives will be offered based on availability.  Fees: $142 for HHUC members, $171 for the general public.

Refresher option: For divers who already hold a Nitrox SCUBA certification and desire a refresher practical session on EANx diving.  Participants will attend the 1-evening practical workshop with the full certification students. Fees: $30 for HHUC members, $40 for the general public.


  • e-learning begins on April 10th or upon full payment for the course, and must be completed before the workshop.
  • workshop: April 17th, from 6:30PM – 10:30PM.

Register now – UofT students and the general public may visit or contact the Hart House front desk (416) 978-2452.  Non-UofT HHUC members are to contact in order to request the member rate.  Registration closes on April 14th.  Secure your spot now!

HST applies to all fees above. Materials are non-refundable once consumed. All participants must be OUC members in good standing.  An OUC membership can be purchased in the classroom for $40.

For more information, contact