Meet the Team

NAUI# 51979

Alex’s scuba diving career started with the HHUC in 2002 when he was a 2nd year Engineering Science student, and he has been a member ever since. He has gone on to wear many hats within the club; he completed his instructor rating in 2016 and is also our current Training Director. He loves teaching as it allows him to relive his first underwater experiences through his students. As a big fan of freshwater diving, Alex will tell you there is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than to suit up in a dry suit and plunge into the cold water of the Great Lakes!

Favourite dive spot: Tobermory, Ontario
Favourite sea creature: Sea anemones


NAUI# 33524

Philip has been involved in scuba diving since 1997 when he completed the scuba diver course (in preparation for his honeymoon) with the Hart House Underwater Club. After certification in Tobermory, and a trip to Turks & Caicos, he caught the scuba bug. In the years that followed, he continued his diver education through the HHUC, and obtained his NAUI Instructor level certification in 2001. Philip has always been an advocate for excellence in diver education and training and supports the efforts of the HHUC as a staff volunteer in the Learn to Scuba Dive program. Philip loves teaching students and seeing their progression from complete novice to confident divers. When Philip is not in the water, he runs a successful construction company in Toronto, Ontario.

Favourite dive spot: Bonaire, Dutch Antilles
Favourite sea creature: Spotted eagle ray


NAUI# 3836

An alumnus of UofT, Bob has been an HHUC member since 1970 and a scuba instructor since 1974. Bob likes sharing his love for the sport and the underwater environment and finds it very rewarding to help diving students learn how to safely enjoy the sport. According to Bob, “Not everyone finds it easy to master the demands of scuba diving. When it all comes together, the students feel a great sense of accomplishment. It is a pleasure to work with them to get to that point.” Bob loves that the sport brings together people from all walks of life and he values all the long-lasting friendships he has made along the way.

Favourite dive spot: Grand Cayman and Little Cayman
Favourite sea creature: Octopus


NAUI# 33907

Martin has been an active member of the HHUC since his undergrad days as a Mechanical Engineering student. A NAUI instructor since 2010, Martin credits the club for some of the strongest friendships he has made, and for the many life, and leadership skills he has attained over the years. For Martin, helping people through challenges of learning to dive and watching them become more confident as they develop the skills to be self-reliant underwater is highly rewarding. The moment people realize that they have mastered a skill that they had some doubt that they could do is transformational for many, both in SCUBA and elsewhere in life.

Favourite dive spot: Ontario Shipwrecks, including Eastcliffe Hall, Wolfe Islander, Niagara II, Arabia, etc.
Favourite sea creature: Manta rays



Courtney’s involvement with Hart House began soon after he arrived at UofT as an undergrad Engineering student in 1994. He is still heavily involved at the university, where he holds an Adjunct position in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Courtney has a passion for teaching, and loves seeing people succeed at achieving their dreams (whether they’re large dreams or smaller ones). He enjoys playing a part in people’s success by helping them build skills and overcome challenges – and he says that the incredible HHUC team makes that easy. According to Courtney, “Scuba instructors work in an environment that is simultaneously one of the most challenging and the most rewarding places for our students to learn; it constantly stretches me as a teacher, and makes me a better educator.”

Favourite dive spot: Little Cayman
Favourite sea creature: Leafy sea dragons


NAUI# 52046

Sarah first discovered the beauty and magic of the underwater world when she became a certified diver in Jamaica in 2006. Once back in Toronto, she joined the HHUC and began pursuing continuing education and dive leadership training, completing her instructor rating in 2010. Sarah has served several terms on the club executive and is currently the Membership Director and part of the Communications Team. Whether it is helping students work past their fears, or supporting learners who are interested in scuba diving as a complement to their studies, Sarah finds it very rewarding to help students attain their goals. She is grateful for the fantastic training she has received through the HHUC from the wonderful instructors that she is now proud to call colleagues and friends.

Favourite dive spot: Wakatobi, Indonesia
Favourite sea creature: Sea stars


NAUI# 32862

Mark became a certified scuba diver with the Hart House Underwater Club in Tobermory in 1996, and began his journey with the training team shortly after. He became an instructor in 2000, and has helped deliver many of the HHUC’s course offerings, including the Learn to Scuba Dive, Advanced Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, and Instructor certifications. During his tenure with the HHUC, Mark has held numerous positions on the Club Executive, including Secretary, Training Director, Equipment Director, Membership Director, President, and Chair. Mark continues to lobby for a NAUI Bubble Ring certification course.

Favourite dive spot: Coral Sea
Favourite sea creature: Turtles


Rebecca Metcalfe
NAUI# 32766

Rebecca’s life journey has repeatedly found her sharing her passion for an activity with others through teaching it, and scuba diving is no exception. “Introducing people to ‘a whole new world’ underwater, and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and resources to do this safely and enjoyably is deeply rewarding” in her experience. She has a particular interest in facilitating the engagement of more women in this sport. She also does it because it is fun!  An instructor since 2001, Rebecca subscribes to the team teaching approach and camaraderie that are the hallmarks of HHUC scuba education.  “This environment offers the opportunity to continue to learn from one another, share the workload, and enjoy spending quality time with people who share a common interest in the underwater environment”.  An alumna of the U of T Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing BScN and MScN programs, Rebecca has held many roles within the club over the years, including multiple terms as President. Combining her love of scuba diving with adventure travel, Rebecca has been organizing and leading HHUC trips to exotic diving destinations since 2002.  

Favourite dive spot: She’s had the opportunity to dive around the world and experience some of the best underwater life on the planet; each place has had something unique to offer and she has enjoyed them all, so she doesn’t have one favourite place, except perhaps anywhere she hasn’t been!

Favourite sea creatures:  It is a toss up between opposites, the giant manta ray versus small anemone fishes


NAUI# 16721
Currently the Assistant Director in the Division of Comparative Medicine at the University of Toronto, Karen has been an active underwater club member since 1990 and an instructor since 1994. Scuba is a sport that she is extremely passionate about. She loves that feeling of entering the underwater environment when you first dive in; it is an absolutely tranquil feeling. She also loves sharing her passion with students and seeing their wide-eyed amazement the first time they are in an underwater environment.
Favourite dive spot: Wakatobi, Indonesia for sheer beauty both above and below the water but the Galapagos Islands is a close second with the strong currents, huge schools of hammerheads, dolphins and the occasional whale shark
Favourite sea creatures: On the larger scale, she is very fond of green moray eels and on the opposite scale, she loves Christmas tree worms


David Reid
NAUI# 50542
David began diving in the UK in 2003 and has never looked back. His dive adventures have taken him to the Galapagos Islands, the Cocos Islands, the Red Sea, Belize, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curaçao, and to Canadian destinations in British Columbia and Ontario. David became a scuba instructor with PADI and BSAC in 2009, and with NAUI in 2010 when he joined the HHUC Instructor Team. He loves to introduce people to the beauty and the environmental importance of the underwater world.
Favourite dive spot: Farne Islands, UK
Favourite sea creatures: The “big stuff”: sharks, rays, seals, etc.


NAUI# 50543

Sharon is both a NAUI Instructor and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, who has been teaching with the HHUC since 2010. A UofT staff member, Sharon is a strong advocate for marine protection and challenges us to think critically about how we can reduce marine pollution, and raise awareness about shark finning and other destructive fishing practices before we allow our oceans to be destroyed. Sharon values her role as an instructor as it allows her to teach people about the importance of protecting the underwater world and preserving our planet, which is 70% water.

Favourite dive spot: Farne Islands, UK
Favourite sea creature: Hammerhead sharks


NAUI# 56830

Hailing from Bermuda, Katryn became an Instructor with the HHUC in 2015. She loves to share her passion for diving with people, finding it wonderful to see students go from taking their first breaths underwater to exploring in our lakes and rivers, and following their own adventures in this fantastic sport. Katryn is an alumna of UTM’s Master of Management and Professional Accounting program.

Favourite dive spot: Grouper Arch off Elbow Beach in Bermuda, a five-minute walk from her childhood home
Favourite sea creatures: Nudibranchs and sea slugs


NAUI# 52057

A filmmaker, who has directed and produced a number of TV documentaries and dramas, Ian joined our Instructor Team in 2017. He loves to teach diving and see the sense of curiosity and wonderment in the students as they get to explore new worlds. Ian is a UofT alumnus (Honours B.A. in International Relations and Russian and European History) and was involved with both the Art Committee and the Film Board at Hart House before taking up scuba in 2006.

Favourite dive spot: Galapagos for its dramatic large sea life, including sharks, rays and whale sharks – just fantastic!
Favourite sea creature: Orcas – he’d love to go diving with them in Norway


Equipment Club
Michael Ding, Equipment Director


NAUI# 33907






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