Club Executive

Martin Bonert, Mech Eng 9T6
Training Director (Acting)


Jim Elliott, BSc 7T3


Amelia Davies, Rotman Commerce, graduating 2022


Alex Ayers, Eng Sci Aero 0T5; MEng, MSE 1T4
Technical Administrator to the Training Director
(Past Training Director)


Sarah Gibson, HonBA 9T7; MHSc 0T6
Membership Director


Equipment Director


Michael Ding, Eng Sci 1T8+PEY
Assistant to Equipment Director
(Past Equipment Director)


 Julie Sam , HonBA 0T9 (York)
Social Director


Aristo Kong, Chem 2T0
Communications Director


Crystal Liu, Mech Eng 1T8+PEY


Sergei Vilbik, Mech Eng 1T4; MASc (Chem) 1T6
Director Without Portfolio
Water Sports Coordinator



  • Secretary
  • Dive Coordinator
  • Training Director
  • Director Without Portfolio
Please contact the President if you are interested in becoming involved in the executive.