55th Anniversary Reunion a Rousing Success!

On Saturday evening, students, alumni, Club founders and friends gathered in the Debates Room at Hart House to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Hart House Underwater Club.

It was an incredible evening, filled with friendship, laughter, tradition and camaraderie. We enjoyed video retrospectives, a green-screen photo booth, and quality time spent with our extended “scuba family”.

With special guests, including founding members Larry Lundy, Jack MacQuarrie, and Dick Booth, and long-time Hart House liaison and friend of the Club, Sandy Henderson in attendance, we heard incredible tales from the Club’s history.

Many thanks to veteran instructor and HHUC historian Bob Belcher who spoke about the Club’s milestones, and to current HHUC President Martin Bonert who highlighted our recent activities, accomplishments, and focus on student engagement.

Kudos to Kathryn Cullen and the amazing Alumni Organizing Committee who put together such a memorable night!

Cheers to all and see everyone at the 60th!


Photo credits: Courtney Gibson